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Vision Correction

Vision Correction Options

Glasses and/or contact lenses are the conventional methods of correcting vision. However, there are other options for correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness, presbyopia, and astigmatism.

The two types of laser eye surgeries are known as LASIK and PRK. The laser used in both of these surgeries is an excimer laser. Since 1990, technology has improved and laser surgery is now at its most advanced stage, providing more “customized” procedures for an individual eye, and therefore rendering the most precise vision correction to date.

Now, procedures are also bladeless, reducing the risks during surgery and increasing the success rate. Within the last couple of years, a presbyopic laser correction has emerged in Ontario. This procedure is best suited to certain candidates and requires a consultation to determine if it will work for your lifestyle.

Another option for surgical correction is an intraocular lens implant surgery, known as clear lens exchange or implantable contact lenses. Visit Moda Optometry & Eyewear to discuss what vision correction surgery you are a candidate for, and get rid of your glasses once and for all!